5 Tips to Make Great Photographs with the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 was a big leap in quality from its predecessors. Here are my 5 recommendations for getting better photos when shooting with an iPhone: 1) Keep Your Lens Clean Wipe you lens off each time you go to make a photograph. That lens is tiny, and you nee...

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Apple’s Watch Outpaced the iPhone in First Year

As the Apple Watch marks its first anniversary on Sunday, two days before Apple’s quarterly earnings announcement, the product’s fate is critical to the company. It is Apple’s first all-new product since the iPad and a test of its ability to innovat...

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Battery saving tips for your iPhone 6S

Apple has admitted to a battery life fault affecting the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus handsets. The problem, which occurs when the time or time zone on the handset is changed manually, fooling owners into thinking that they have more juice left than they ...

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